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  • The JadoPado's 365 Day Limited Warranty is very loose and open to interpretation. I understand you may source your product from somewhere else to provide the best deal. However this should not be done at the expense of the consumer.

    The limited warranty you provide is not equivalent to the original warranty provided by the manufacturer. This should be clearly mentioned.

    Your current details in the warranty leave too much room open for interpretation, and obviously you will always choose your interest over the customer (as I have already experienced).

    You need to stand by your product if you are going to sell it, you can't claim that the manufacturer is making a false claim on a feature yet you advertise the product and the feature in order to sell it. This is misleading to your customers.

    Overall the JadoPado's 365 Day Limited Warranty is certainly limited, and I will never again buy an item from jadopado with this limited warranty, it is way too risky for highly priced products.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    The warranty and any exclusions are detailed out here: The JadoPado 365 Day Limited Warranty in Detail and we link to the main Warranties area from every product page so that anyone have a read prior to purchase.

    The JadoPado 365 Limited Warranty is not meant to be equivalent to a manufacturer's warranty, but we've tried to ensure that it is as close as possible, with as few exclusions as possible. 

    We use the warranty process as an assurance mechanism to ensure that we stand any products that we sell, regardless of where they've been sourced and regardless of whether a manufacturer or distributor will or won't support a customer who has purchased their product.

    Manufacturer warranties tend to differ depending on the product, and depending on the manufacturer itself.

    In my experiences thus far, we've tried our best to be honest and as fair as possible when it comes to warranty issues. It's generally a repair & replace warranty, as long as the issue falls under the warranty T&Cs.

    I'd love to hear a bit more about your experiences so that we can understand what went wrong and figure out whether we can do anything more about it.

    Which product and which feature are you referring to?

  • Hi Omar,

    The product is the Sony Xperia Z, and the main selling point of this device is its durability. The product is water , dust and scratch resistance. This is advertised by Sony as well as your site.

    When the product got scratched only days after purchasing I contacted Jadopado, and here is the response I received (copy paste):


    "We will not be able to substantiate the claims of the manufacturer. Here's a quick link for a video wherein the device fails the scratch test http://goo.gl/O4QEm "


    This I believe is an unacceptable response, your referencing YouTube to justify the lack of adherence to specification. This is not a source that can be relied on.

    There should be an attempt to contact the manufacturer and investigate the claim, not use 3rd party forums to justify your stance. This was never done and the claim rejected.


    I understand that your warranty has a general disclaimer, however when a product is sold for a particular feature, I would expect that this overrides. If sony designs a water resistant phone and you exclude water damage in your warranty (as is today) does that mean when I buy the phone from Jadopado it is not water resistant?

    Hence what I see is the T&C you have is too generic and can't be applied without interpretation. This is an area where you have to give it a bit more thought, specially since you have different products.


  • @mafiname Thank you for your response. My apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

    I see your point in terms of the use of YouTube. While it's a third party resource, we've found that there tends to be quite a bit of useful material that helps us support customers in a better manner. The breadth of content generally means that someone somewhere has probably experienced and tested an issue that a customer may be facing.

    Having said that, I agreed that our response could have been better. My apologies that it wasn't and we'll try our best to ensure that future responses are better thought through.

    Unfortunately contacting the manufacturer ourselves to dispute a claimed product feature is probably not going to get a response. I'm not saying that it won't happen, but I feel that being the size that we are today, and the nature in which we source products, it's unlikely to happen.

    I would however encourage you to get in touch directly with the manufacturer yourself in order to dispute and escalate the issue of a feature / reality mismatch since you're the end user.

    In terms of the JadoPado Limited Warranty as it stand today, unfortunately it's difficult to design a policy that covers every single situation and specific product features.

    Unfortunately a number of manufacturer's make claims about their products that aren't always entirely true. If you take battery life as an example, we'd end up having to replace batteries on a large percentage of devices sold as the manufacturer has made a claim about battery life under ideal conditions rather than real world usage. This would not be feasible and would end up putting us out of business pretty fast!

    If a given product fails to function in terms of it's intended use (and while this is on occasion difficult to define) the JadoPado Limited Warranty will cover it, even if it's due to a manufacturing related fault. We've got a general set of exclusions as with any warranty policy out there, but I'd like to think that we're pretty flexible in our overall approach.

    Unfortunately in your case your device has been scratched under regular use which is not something that we'll cover under the JadoPado Warranty.

    My apologies for not being able to help much more on this.

    Thank you again for your feedback.
  • Dear Omar,

    I have contacted the manufacturer, and they have been a lot more responsive then you, and they have indicated they are happy to look at it ,if it is under warranty, however I'm unsure if JadoPado purchase compromises that, we will see. Sony is obviously not a new player in the market, and hence its not difficult for them to stand by their product.

    This unfortunately has just cost me time and effort that could have been avoided.

    See this is the issue, all the above reply is based on "Probably". Probably the manufacturer will not respond, unlikely it will happen. But you haven't even tried.

    What is amazing here is your organisation has spent more effort in doing nothing about this , probably due to the probably above, then you have made an attempt to understand the complaint and do something about it. It is obvious you have a lack of understanding in the product, the customer and overall the industry your in.

    I must say you are right in terms of your size, you are a small shop that has little power. And hence people who wish to buy expensive items from you , should in general avoid it . My recommendations is for people to stick to buying products in the AED100 from you. Otherwise its a risk not worth taking.

    In reference to your battery life example, iPhones have a built in battery and if something goes wrong there then I would obviously fall back on the warranty, and this is a real example. Again your failing to see that every product is different, and you can not generalise. You will lose business this way, you need to rethink your model. Understand the product the customer and then offer the service , its that simple.

    Anyhow, I posted this here so your customers can make their own judgement on the risks involved. For me I'm no longer a JadoPado customer and will ensure others know about my experience.

  • @mafiname Thank you for your response.

    I'm really glad to hear that Sony has directly been responsive on the issue. It would be great to hear back once you've heard back from them.

    With regards to us being able to elicit a response from the manufacturer was based on my previous experiences and having spent a while within the industry.

    In terms of the JadoPado Warranty, we're making a few changes to it to try to ensure that it is more responsive to customers needs. Thank you again for your feedback on this.

    My apologies once again that we have not been able to meet your expectations. I really hope that Sony provides you with a resolution on the issue.

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